Michael Fabricant - Politician and broadcaster

***The second-most famous haircut in British politics*** 

***Eager morris dancer***

***Narrow-boat enthusiast***

***Sacked by Cameron***

***Said a swear word in Parliament***

***Spied for Britain in Russia***


Michael Fabricant is a most unusual MP, journalist, and broadcaster.


Loved across the floor of the House by all parties for his wild personality, many regard him as the most colourful MP in the House of Commons. He is a seasoned radio and TV performer and regularly writes for newspapers ranging from The Guardian to the Mail on Sunday.  He started his career in ‘pirate’ radio then graduated onto news and current affairs before starting a company which supplied services to radio and tv stations in 48 countries worldwide.


On selling his company, he decided to become an MP.  “Some say it was my mid-life crisis” he says.


Michael has had a successful political career, holding his seat for over 25 years and becoming a senior Whip for the Conservative government. He has also campaigned for a number of causes including the right for gay men to donate blood.  Michael is one of the few Engineers in Parliament and is passionate about science, engineering and medicine.


His hobbies include hill walking, travel (building on the knowledge of many countries he visited when he set up radio stations there) and going to the movies.


For further information about Michael Fabricant please contact his agent, andrew@cloud9management.co.uk 



The Daily Politics (BBC One)

Question Time (BBC One)

Have I Got News For You (BBC One)

Unspun with Matt Forde (Dave)

Sam Delaney's News Thing (Russia Today)

Longdon Village Fete 27.06.14
Longdon Village Fete 27.06.14

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Fabricant casual close up
Fabricant casual close up

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Longdon Village Fete 27.06.14
Longdon Village Fete 27.06.14

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Michael is a popular and witty speaker on a variety of subjects, including many anecdotes from his time in Westminster, for further details please contact his agent.